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is pride necessary?

The short answer: Yes.
1000 times yes.

Ever have the feeling when you're with another person who just gets you? It can be an almost complete stranger, but when you find someone else who has been through what you've been through -- well, that blissful feeling is nothing other than holy.

There's something sacred about being understood fully. Unfortunately, LGBTQIA people rarely get to experience that. We tend to operate day to day through varied levels of hiddenness.

We withhold some of our joys, our quirks, our style, our bodies, and our ideas, just to name a few, all in the attempt to fit in and not cause trouble. If you're reading this thinking that is silly, then you're absolutely right, but that, sadly enough, is the state of the world we all share.

LGBTQIA individuals seldom get to live openly and authentically, especially in areas like the Quiet Corner because we are afraid of being scolded for how our truth may affect others. 

We're used to having our private and personal identities become political fodder. So we tuck our authentic selves away. We become good at that too. But that isn't good, you see. The longer this goes on for the more it can affect our well-being and lead to not only mental unwellness, but self harm.

That is why it is absolutely necessary to hold pride.

Everyone deserves the chance to connect with others who just get it. Everyone deserves the chance to be fully authentic for a few hours. Everyone deserves the chance to celebrate all the ways we can find love.

Never underestimate this: a pride event is more than entertainment and festivities, it can be a lifeline for those who feel all alone and unworthy of love.

We hope for the day when pride events do not have to take place because that would mean all forms of love are celebrated fully, but until then, invite your friends, your neighbors, your family, and let's dance, let's sing, let's connect, and let's throw one heck of a party!
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