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A celebration like this one cannot be done alone. It is going to require a lot of creative hands, minds, and hearts to make this event a success! That's where you can help make this celebration one for the record books!


If you have the afternoon free and would like to take part in whatever needs done, please sign up to be a volunteer!

When you click on the button, this link will take you to the town of Putnam website for you to fill out an electronic form. You may have to click out of a pop up ad


You have no clue how important it is for LGBTQIA people to know they are valued, affirmed, and welcomed into a space, whether that is a local business or organization.

We would like to see Rotary Park filled to the brim with all sorts of local organizations and businesses showing off their pride for this part of their community. This is a fantastic way to attract new clients, catch up with old ones, and spread your brand through positive and inclusive means. 

Since this is the first year we are celebrating Pride, booths are available at a low price, only $30!

Update: thanks to so many amazing organizations and local businesses, we are out of space! If you would like to sign up for next year, please click the link below and share a little about yourself and your group. Thanks!
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